The three controversial bills enacted by the Union Government of India have caused international outrage to millions of people linked to India’s 50 Million + agricultural community. Currently, agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for around 58% of India’s population.

Nearly every Sikh in the diaspora community is also affected by this. We’re collating data to demonstrate the impact of the agrarian crisis on the diaspora community as well as to raise the profile of the Farmers’ protests.

“For many, this isn’t just an economic debate or political struggle – its a matter of life and DEATH.”

What People Say

“My father owns 1.5 acres of land. We are already under debt. My grandmother told me about the black laws. I want to support my parents and other farmers who are agitating against the black laws as it is a matter of our survival.”

Arshdeep Kaur, student, aged 10 years, Sangrur, Punjab

“The government must learn a lesson from similar failures in the United States and Europe, where governments had to support farmers”

Devender Sharma, distinguished food, agriculture and trade policy analyst.

“Where will a small farmer like me go then? It’s a conspiracy to phase out farmers from agriculture and let big corporates take over gradually,”

Gurdev Singh, aged 60 years, 5 acre farmer, Bhamour Village, Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab.

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